Ian Blackburn

We are proud to recognize Ian Blackburn, Founder of wineLA, as our Good Deeds recipient for the month of August. A longtime T.J. Martell Foundation supporter and board member, Ian has been including small silent auctions at his events over the past 10 years and this year he will reach $500,000 donated to the Foundation.

“I think life is defined by the battles and challenges we each take on, and I want to thank everyone involved with the T.J. Martell Foundation for allowing my business to be a part of our battle against cancer,” says Ian. “ T.J. Martell Foundation and wineLA have been united in our fight together for 10 great years. Together we have produced a huge amount of upside for both the wine industry that I serve, and the charity that we all care greatly about. Personally, I have gained great satisfaction knowing that we are moving the needle; working with so many talented and compassionate people and seeing the difference that the charity is making. T.J. Martell Foundation has been a great rock to fight for, to protect and to spread the word about. Philanthropy isn’t measured in dollars, it’s measured in results, and I feel like we are fighting a winning battle together; taking ground and making a difference and we are proud to be associated with this winning team. I pray that we all continue to see precious results, results that help those in need today and for the future generations.

We have all been touched or even ripped apart by cancer in one way or another.  We have all lost friends, family, and loved ones to the plight of this deadly threat. When we look back, I doubt any of us will ever regret the efforts we made towards this effort, only regretting that we couldn’t do more. T.J. Martell Foundation has allowed my business to have a soul, to have something more to work for, more to work towards, to have something meaningful at the heart of all our actions. We are fighting for a better life, a better future, for the children of the future and I thank you for including us. My love of wine and music is only surpassed by my love of life and the journey it provides. Let’s continue this journey and continue to push for bigger and better results from our efforts.  www.wineLA.com/events has a list of wine activities - and T.J. Martell Foundation is our exclusive charity partner. “