Randi Rahm's Fall Evolution

Couture Designer Randi Rahm Announces the Fall Evolution –

A Limited Edition Collection Featuring Two Exclusive Commemorated T.J. Martell Foundation Baseball Jackets

20% of all sales will benefit the foundation as they continue to provide innovative cancer research and patient treatments, as well as funding scientists and medical personnel.

Black satin jacket with embroidered T.J. Martell on back:  $795

Couture black beaded velvet jacket with red crystal drop logo:  $2,590

To purchase, please contact Randi Rahm Atelier at 212.869.2296 or sales@randirahm.com.


New York, New York – New York couture designer Randi Rahm presented her Fall Evolution. From the red carpet to the most exclusive global events, Rahm has been dressing icons for over 25 years. Look to Hollywood and Broadway where Rahm continues to defy all fashion odds with her unique style and show-stopping designs that A-listers and celebrities demand from their stylists for the most important events of their careers.

As a couture designer in New York City, Rahm has created the “Evolution,” an extraordinary new approach to launching collections outside of the normal fashion world experience. The designer’s Fall Evolution is a limited edition collection presented at an exclusive event benefitting the T.J. Martell Foundation – Music’s Promise for a Cure. As a classically trained pianist and musician, Rahm recognized the synergy between the two organizations and believes that fashion is meant to be uplifting – thus her commitment to giving back.

Rahm has dressed the likes of Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Uzo Aduba, Judith Light, Jessie Mueller, Miranda Lambert, ABC’s Bachelorettes and many others.  She has had her fashions worn by the world’s elite from the Country Music Awards to the Oscars and everything in between. Her fashions combine her love of dance and art, along with music, and her work often resembles that of an artist creating a piece of fine art like that of a painting or sculpture.  What differentiates Rahm from other fashion designers is her willingness to look at each individual as their own special being, a canvas on which she can work, no matter size, gender, ethnicity or norms. It’s this path and her ability to draw from a commitment to community that has made her one of the world’s most creative designers in the industry.

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