Young Professionals

The T.J. Martell Foundation is committed to working with the next generation of supporters to raise vital funds for cancer research. We have organized several committees in local markets to plan and execute fundraising events that cater to younger professionals who want to make a difference.

Members are given the unique opportunity to network with influential corporate philanthropists as well as with other young, passionate, and civic-minded professionals working in a variety of industries.

Made up of young professionals from the metro New York area, T.J. Martell Foundation’s Young Professionals Advisory Council organizes several fundraising events each year, including the Rock N' Bowl tournament and Rooftop Rosé Soiree.


Our Young Professionals Advisory Council's inaugural Downtown Derby Bed Race has raised over $200,000 for life-saving cancer research since its inception on May 7th, 2016 in Nashville. For details on this event, please visit

Made up of young professionals across the country, the C.U.R.E.S. Society is committed to participating in the dynamic work of the T.J. Martell Foundation. Through social events and personal contributions, they hope to further promote and encourage the cancer research and treatment efforts of the foundation. With youth and energy on its side, the C.U.R.E.S. Society aims to widely share its mission and the mission of the T.J. Martell Foundation to help find a cure for these life-threatening diseases. For more information, please visit

For more information and to join one of these philanthropic committees, please contact your nearest T.J. Martell Foundation office.

Young Professionals Advisory Council - East Coast

Anastasia Gilbert  - President
Stephen Grybowski - Vice President

Victoria Bachan
Alyse Besserman
Jim Buehler
Andrew Colicchio
Robert Daligdig
Eamon Dworkin
Doug Foley
Jenna Gaudio
Mac Gearhart
Katherine Griffith
Stephen Grybowski
Ethan Hallowell
Emilio Herce
Jenn Hicks
Nicole Karpas
Winnie Kigara
Justin Kobay
Tessie Lammle
Olga Litvinenko
Elizabeth Lyons
Bernard Mantel
Tara Mathai-Davis
Britt Miller
Ashley Morris
Kate Monahan
Elle O-Hara
Ege Ozyegin
Chelcie Pellegrino
Meredith Pilcher
Sara Pullman
Dani Reis
Alex Reiss
Alex Rosenzweig
Jacki Rosenzweig
Allison Schwartz
Rosie Sherman
Chloe Snyder
Alexandra Tamashunas
Alexandra Terentieva
Justin VanNoy
Kat Vollhoffer
Andrew Whitaker
Nina Wollberg


Young Professionals Advisory Council - Southern Region

Kelsey DeWald - President
Emilie Gilbert - Vice President
Kindal Jumper - Treasurer
Rudi Wilhoite - Secretary

Rachel Burns
Lexia Chamryk
Lindsay Donovan
Maurna Donovan
Justin Edwards
Zach Farnum
Heather Freeland
Katie Germano
Jason Huie
James Miller
Nick Miller
Sophie Moll
Sarah Beth Perry
Jacque Shelton
Katie Smith
Kaki Tzagournis
Meredith White
Kristin Wingard
Elyse Wiser

Senior Advisors

Nicholas Garvin
Scott Heuerman
Ree Guyer


Young Professionals Advisory Council - West Coast

Elissa Ayadi
Audrey A. Benoualid
Noelle Campbell
Christine Cao
Christal Cody
Chad Cohen
Jesse Coolbroth
Jen Darmafall
Marisa Fair
Larissa Giampaoli
Nathan Gregory
Vanessa Hernández Ide
Samantha Hissong
Andrew Hove
Emma Humphreys
Sam Katz
Eduardo Pabellon
Lisa Rezner
Ana Rocha
Lindsay Schapiro
Chelsea Willette
Evan Winiker

West Coast Board of Governors Sponsors:  

David Kovach
David Schachter

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